Hilarious license incompatibility. Seriously!

skull‘Provisioning’ my virtual development machine just resulted in a Fatal Error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function json_decode()

… to find out that this is because of a license conflict.

JSON License:

“The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.”

This is incompatible with Debians Free Software Foundation’s (FSF) freedom 0:

“The freedom to run the program for any purpose.”

Now my wooden shoe breaks! (?)
Here you can find a solution against this obvious fatality.

Edit: The solution above didn’t work for me. Adding jsonc as follows in my /puphpet/config.yml file did the trick:

install: ‘1’
version: ’56’
– cli
– intl
– curl
– gd
pear: { }
             – jsonc

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